The NRL CEO, David Gallop has come and gone from Central Queensland. While he had previously visited some towns in CQ, he had not really been here to take it all in.  He had very little understanding of our region, our people and the vibrant economic conditions that currently exist or that are planned for the future.

We all appreciate that the CQ NRL Club will provide substantial economic, social and cultural benefit to our vast region. It is also obvious that our own CQ NRL Club will unite the wonderfully diverse communities that make up Central Queensland. That’s what Central Queensland will get out of our own club.

However, the NRL and more importantly, the individual NRL Clubs must be the principal beneficiaries of CQ entering the NRL. They will make the decision based on what is in it for them. The NRL needs to be convinced that any expanded NRL Club will be viable, competitive and will “grow the pie” as far as the NRL revenues are concerned.

David Gallop’s recent tour of CQ gave the Bid team, headed by Geoff Murphy, the great opportunity to explain and prove that a CQ NRL team would be of enormous benefit to the NRL and to Rugby League generally.

We explained to David that because the Queensland Premier, Anna Bligh and her government has committed to the provision of a state-of-the-art  STADIUM to house the team in CQ, the NRL would have another world class venue to showcase Rugby League and the NRL competition. The stadium will be based on the Gold Coast Titans stadium and be fitted with modern conveniences and spectator comforts including replay screens, corporate facilities, ticketing systems, concessions, CCTV and modern media facilities etc.  David Gallop agreed and acknowledged that without this stadium commitment the Bid could not progress to fruition and with this stadium commitment another vital condition of NRL entry was satisfied.

Another critical consideration for the NRL was VIABILITY.  The following organisations briefed the NRL CEO on the current and future economic conditions pertaining to Central Queensland: Gladstone Port Corporation, Central Highlands Development Corporation, Rockhampton Regional Council, CQ University, Central Highlands Regional Council, Capricorn Tourism and Economic Development Limited, as well as corporations like QR National and of course, industry leaders like Geoff Murphy.

Representatives from each of these stakeholder organisations provided David with irrefutable evidence of the economic strength of CQ’s resource, energy, mining, transport, tourism, education, agriculture, pastoral and service industries.  They spoke of the millions and sometimes billions of dollars involved and the thousands of jobs that these flourishing and developing industries are and will be producing. They spoke of the thousands of families who build their life dreams on these industries and most importantly, they showed how Queensland and Australia depends on the CQ economic engine room to continue to grow and prosper. All of these facts are testimony to a VIABLE and successful NRL Club

David Gallop is a great listener and his comments after these briefings were very interesting.

He said “My eyes have been opened.  I had no idea of the scale of these activities”

The CQ NRL Bid Team is confident that our case is a compelling one.

Support your CQ NRL bid – go on line at and become a bid or corporate member.

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