2010 – The Year That Was For The CQ NRL Bid

I realise that I am very close to the Bid and also positively biased towards it, but I do believe that the CQ NRL Bid has made significant forward progress in 2010. Generally the support from all sectors of the community has been overwhelming and highlighted itself in the presence of the NRL CEO, David Gallop when he visited Central Queensland in November.

To be honest, there have been a few negatives during the year and I will touch on them later in this article, but I think we should concentrate on the positives first. The following is a short list of the major developments that now make Central Queensland the most obvious region to locate a NRL Club when the NRL is expanded. They are in no particular order, as they are all vitally important to the legitimacy of the CQ NRL Bid.

  • MEMBERS - Almost 25,000 Bid members have signed the Bid petition as a show of public support. These members want and deserve their own NRL Club. As  Central Queenslanders, we have supported someone else’s team for many years and now is the time for us  to be proudly  supporting  own team, which will mostly be comprised of players from CQ – LOCALS
  • STADIUM – The modern, world class stadium, as committed in writing personally by the Premier and the Government will be home for the CQ NRL Team, but it will be much more than this.  It will be a significant community asset, in the real meaning of the term.  At least 12 times per year a visiting NRL team will play against the CQ NRL Team. This game will be televised LIVE nationally and promote our region like nothing before has been able to do. The stadium will also stage many other sporting, entertainment and cultural events that currently bypass CQ.  These events will produce enormous financial benefit to the economy of Central Queensland and further promote our region.  The provision of the stadium will mean absolutely NO decrease in the provision of other Government services to the region.
  • VIABILITY – With QR National committing to Principal Sponsorship of the NRL club and sponsorship of the Bid, together with the wonderful support already evident from the CQ commercial and corporate sectors, the long term viability of the NRL club is assured. We can now provide categorical evidence to the NRL of financial stability and sustainability of our own CQ NRL Club.

Despite these three massive boxes being “TICKED”, I still come across the occasional sceptic who for some reason does not accept the fact that the majority of Central Queenslanders want their own National Team to represent them.

I can still remember the time when there were objections and even outright opposition to the establishment of the Broncos and also in their time to the Cowboys and Titans.  Rugby League, the state of Queensland and the communities themselves have benefitted from these Clubs being formed.  I could not imagine a world without them or the great facilities that house them.  This is PROGRESS.

Be progressive, get on line at www.cqnrlbid.com.au and become a Bid or Corporate Member.

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