When is enough, enough?

The CQ NRL Bid Chairman, Geoff Murphy today hit back at several aspects of the proposed THIRD NRL Team in the South East of Queensland. His criticism was mainly aimed at the arrogant and selfish nature of the so called “Battle for Brisbane” Bid and was not aimed at the people concerned as he knows and respects them as individuals and as business men.

“I am appalled at the way some southern Queenslanders think that they have a monopoly and virtual sole rights to implement their own plans at the expense of regional Queenslanders” the normally controlled CQ NRL Bid Chairman said today. “This stockpiling of resources, facilities and straight out living standards, does not even consider fellow Queenslanders who have been loyal to Rugby League and who have contributed so much to the wealth and well being of our state and nation for many decades. I am exasperated by this denial of natural justice and, as regional Queenslanders, we should be saying that we have had enough. We want a simple FAIR GO” the Chairman said.

The Chairman then set about refuting some stated benefits of introducing a third team in the south east corner.

“The south east corner of Queensland already has two NRL Clubs, two AFL Clubs, two A League Clubs, a Super 15 Club, the State Cricket Team, and dozens of major second tier sporting clubs across all codes. They are all seeking the hearts and minds of the metro public market and scouring the corporate sector for sponsorship funding. I have heard that they argue that Suncorp is only half utilised. My simple research tells me that over the whole 2011 NRL season i.e. 26 weekends, there will be 23 games of NRL, State of Origin, Super 15, or Bledisloe Cup games conducted at the Stadium. This excludes finals for the Broncos and the Reds. Is this enough, I ask?”

“Another quite illogical argument that I have heard is that if an NRL fan in the south east supports another NRL team other than Broncos or Titans e.g. Parramatta, Bulldogs etc, the third NRL team will produce a second time that this fan can see his team. What about considering Rugby League fans who never get to watch a live game because the closest game is in Townsville or Brisbane, an eight hour drive each way, with overnight and travel expenses on top of the game costs – tickets, food and beverage etc? This is a ridiculous argument and again demonstrates the disregard that some Queenslanders have for their fellow Queenslanders.”

“So who will support this third team? Maybe only disgruntled Broncos or Titans fans. How is this growing the NRL market? It does not grow anything. It only weakens what we already have. Maybe the fans above who still support the Sydney teams? There will always be “Mexicans” who hold on to the traditional teams, no matter how many Queensland Clubs we have but good luck to these “recent arrivals”. They are entitled to support who they want but they should not be considered when deciding on where to locate new Queensland NRL Clubs.”

“The CQ NRL Bid will not go around speculating on who IS CONSIDERED for our SUPER Coach, what players we MAY have on the rooster, which sponsor MIGHT be interested, which junior club COULD align with us. When we make an announcement we will have the deal done, sealed and delivered for the good of the game and the people involved. We have been very honest and transparent to date and we intend to maintain this integrity. The naming of people who may be involved and who have often not been consulted is another example of the lack of respect. I don’t do it in business and I will not do it in the Bid process. It is not ethical and often embarrasses the unsuspecting individual.”

“The CQ NRL Bid has produced a compelling argument for inclusion into the NRL. Our CQ team will be popular, viable, successful and will unite our region as nothing has done in the past. The NRL will be the primary beneficiary as the NRL will be expanded, not diluted.”

“I will never give up this fight to have our own NRL Team in the HEARTLAND of our game and in the HEARTLAND of our state. I invite all Central Queenslanders to stand up and demand that famous FAIR GO that all Queenslanders are renowned for. The struggle will be tough and we will sometimes feel like we have been ignored again but I assure you that our cause is just, fair and winnable. If we unite and stay committed, the prize will be ours.”

“I apologise for this emotional and lengthy statement but we have been called to arms. It is our TIME for our TEAM.”

- From the Chairman of the CQ NRL Bid, Geoff Murphy.

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