The Fight for our Rights

There has been considerable movement in the NRL expansion scene in the last few weeks, with activity centred on the so-called “Battle for Brisbane”.  The CQ NRL Bid Chairman, Geoff Murphy, has rightly been critical of some of the tactics that this Bid has employed and refuted many of the purported  benefits that this Bid will bring, if admitted to the NRL.  He has asked many public questions about the motivations of this Bid.  Our Chairman has also sought clarification on some of the numerous vague commitments and announcements that have emerged from different sources within this Brisbane based Bid.

Some sectors of the Brisbane press have accepted much of these announcements without asking the obvious questions.  They have not requested substantiation of any of the rhetoric nor have they queried why statements have been made one day only to be retracted the next.  Normally such reversals and about-faces would drive gaping holes in any credibility that this Bid was hoping to build with its potential public support base and likely corporate backers.

Our CQ NRL Bid has always welcomed the press questions associated with any announcements that we have made and I personally enjoy the close scrutiny that comes with this very public NRL Bid process.  From the very beginning, the CQ NRL Bid has been meticulously honest and transparent and we intend to pursue these standards in all of our dealing with any of our associates, partners, and all of our stakeholders.

Last week when talking on Foxsport News, about the merits of both the Brisbane based Bid and the CQ Bid, Geoff Murphy spoke passionately about his vision and commitment to his dream of a NRL team in Central Queensland.  His interviewer asked what could supporters of the CQ NRL Bid do to counter the smoke and mirrors campaign from Brisbane that remains somewhat unchallenged for authenticity and transparency.

Geoff said “unity is our greatest asset”.  He urged all Central Queenslanders and anyone else who believed in “a fair go” to write and or email the NRL, NRL Club Executives, their local Council and Councillors, the local Newspaper Editor, their local State and Federal Member, including Government Departments or anyone in the community who could influence the decision as to where a NRL team should be based in Queensland.  Tell these people and organizations that “we want a fair go” and “that we want our own NRL team like those in the south east and in the north”.

The CQ NRL Bid has produced the compelling argument to the NRL that our own team will be avidly supported and therefore successful.  The CQ NRL Bid has amassed 26,000 Bid members. There are 650,000 people in CQ with a passion for Rugby League that is unmatched anywhere else in the world.  Our new STADIUM will be a world class facility and a wonderful community asset.  CQ is the HEARTLAND of our State and the HEARTLAND of Rugby League as well as the engine room of the Australian Economy.

Demand “A FAIR GO for CQ”, tell the world these facts and get on line at and become a Bid or Corporate Member.

From the desk of Denis Keeffe – CEO, CQ NRL Bid Team

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