Half Yearly Checkup and Public Report

Recently I was interviewed on ABC National Radio and the same question that I hear over and over was the interview opener. “How is the Bid progressing”?

A summarised answer and our report card – as follows:

30,000 Bid members – The vast majority of the 30,000 Bid MEMBERS who have signed the Bid petition or signed on line are Central Queenslanders who love Rugby League and want their own NRL Team or they realise the massive economic and social benefits that will be delivered to CQ with the establishment of CQ’s only National sporting team. Tick the public popularity box which also ticks the viability box.

QR National commits to Principal Sponsorship – QR National is a top 50 ASX company and has over 4500 of its 9000 employees working and living in Central Queensland. QR National can see no better community investment than being the Principal Sponsor of the CQ NRL Club. Another tick in that viability box.

CQ Corporate and Commercial sectors embrace the NRL – Over 150 CQ businesses are now CORPORATE PARTNERS of the Bid. JM Kelly, APN, WIN, and most of CQ Regional Councils are leading this vital involvement. Tick the Corporate sector commitment.

A NEW world class stadium to house the CQ NRL Club – The current State Government and Opposition have both committed to building a modern, world class 20,000 seat stadium to accommodate the CQ NRL Club. The CQ NRL Club will be the primary tenant and will pay significant rental fees to the Government to hire the stadium. The stadium will remain in Government ownership and will be used for other entertainment, social and cultural events. The stadium will be a valuable community asset that will generate a profit for the Government owners. It will not be built by JM Kelly Project Builders. Tick off the stadium box as done.

A viable Leagues Club as the CQ NRL Club social centre – The CQ Leagues Club (formally Brothers Capricornia) is the social home of the CQ NRL Bid. It has grown from just over 2000 members to almost 9000 members in about 18 months. The club was in danger of closing and is now producing a small profit which is being returned to its members – 100%. It is non-for-profit and provides many local jobs. Tick the Leagues Club and social centre boxes.

The Economic and Social Benefits – a recent independently produced Economic Impact Assessment clearly demonstrated massive economic and social benefits that would flow to Central Queensland’s Regional economy as a result of the establishment of a NRL Club in CQ. The astounding figures stated over $700 million and over 3,000 jobs in the first 5 years of operation which includes the construction of the stadium and the academies. Tick the economic and social benefit boxes.

Professional sporting career opportunities for our talented local sportspeople , Production of our own local heroes and role models, “Closing the Gap” community assets, Regular national and international promotion of our region, Community Pride or Self Esteem, Increased Liveability, Corporate marketing asset – these and many more benefits will be produced by our own CQ NRL CLUB

Please support your own NRL Club in Central Queensland – go on line at www.cqnrlbid.com.au and become a Bid or Corporate Member.

From the desk of the CEO – Denis Keeffe


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