2015 – OK for CQ

Recently the NRL’s CEO, David Gallop has suggested that the expected NRL expansion will not materialise until 2015. This date is seen as anunwarranted delay by some rival bids, especially Perth, Gosford (Central Coastof NSW) and the so called second Brisbane bid. The protest has been loud and attimes has become personal. One bid accused David Gallop of “lacking leadership”, another bid accused him of “wasting money” and yet another said he was not important in the overall context as he was merely “the messenger”.

This derogatory criticism is rude, uncalled for, and lackingan understanding of the real issues of expansion. Recently the CQ NRL Bid Chairman, Geoff Murphy accused some Bids as being selfish and dismissive and these current critical outbursts only confirm Geoff’s opinion.

While the CQ NRL Bid had an expected launch date of 2014, we appreciate the valid reasons clearly articulated by David Gallop in his 2015 suggestion. We have expressed our support of his position for no other reason than this date makes sense.

When enormous change occurs in any venture or business the operatives must be sure that all procedures and processes have been fully researched and any perceived discrepancies eliminated.  This process is referred to as “performing risk assessment” and sometimes many scenarios have to be tested and outcomes evaluated before “change” is implemented.

NRL expansion is no different. The planning has to be meticulous because the numbers of operating units are incredible. The right people have to be recruited and trained, buildings have to be built, and the business side of the operation has to be thoroughly tested in the market for effectiveness, and sustainability.

The CQ NRL team will be competitive from the very start, and it will be play its home games in a magnificent new, world class stadium. All of this will take time to get absolutely right. The process has actually commenced already and many of the vast number of operational elements have been identified and the planning has started.

To rush into such a mammoth project as establishing an expansion NRL club virtually overnight is ridiculous and, I suggest, doomed to failure. The second Brisbane bid has only been launched late last year; they don’t have a name, a jersey, a team, or a coach. They don’t have an agreement with a stadium; they don’t have a training ground, and most other vital components of a NRL program. For them to abuse David Gallop and accuse him of procrastination is simply wrong. If they were honest and not so “dismissive” they would thank David Gallop for making the process thorough so all considerations can be analysed in the “ cold light of day” and not “in panic mode”.

2015 may seem like a long time in the future but the CQ NRL Bid is not complaining nor are we wasting one second of this time. An old Rugby League saying is “preparation is everything”. We are preparing now and we will be OK to go in 2015.

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