Boxes keep getting ticked

When then CQ NRL Bid commenced a number of significant milestones were identified and the Board and staff set about “ticking off the boxes”.

Initially the Bid needed to be funded - i.e. underwritten financially and promoted in the Media. Geoff Murphy, from the JM Kelly Group of Companies committed to the financial backing and APN Newspapers undertook to launching the Bid with the original petitions and the supply of newspaper space to continually promote the Bid. Tick the initial couple of boxes – VISION & COMMITMENT

The Bid needed popular support – hence a Bid membership target was set at 30,000. David Gallop himself said that such a number would be “compelling”.  Because the Central Queensland community supported the concept of its own  national sporting team, the current Bid membership number now stands at 35,000, and is climbing continuously. The revised targets is now to 40,000 plus. Tick another box – POPULARITY

The Bid needed to be attractive to the commercial and corporate sectors of CQ. QR National, a world class top 20 Australian company committed to the Principal Sponsorship of the CQ NRL club.  Around 150 local businesses in CQ signed up as Corporate Partners of the Bid because they wanted to be associated with the most significant social and financial development in CQ for many years. Tick another important box – VIABILITY

The CQ NRL club needed a world class stadium to promote and showcase Central Queensland and the NRL. The State Government committed to the building of this facility but NOT as a gift to the Bid. This stadium will host many sporting, and cultural performances as well as the CQ NRL club’s home games. The rent paid by the CQ NRL team and other stadium users will pay the Government back its building costs. The stadium will be a huge CQ community asset. Tick a massive box – WORLD CLASS FACILITY

The Bid needed a shop front, a social home for the growing number of Bid and Corporate members. The CQ NRL Bid acquired the former Brothers Capricornia Leagues Club and re-branded it as the CQ Leagues Club. It had just over 2000 members, it now has over 10,000 members and is starting to trade profitably, pay back its debt and provide a family friendly social centre for the Bid. The CQ Leagues Club is now pleasant community licensed club. The Bid has a home. Tick another box – SOCIAL CENTRE – HOME

The Bid needed to engage the community. The QR National
Schools Program involves the CQ NRL Bid Community Development manager, Walson
Carlos, visiting 120 schools across Central Queensland, to discuss healthy
living, Social issues, and of course Rugby League. The QR National Scholarship
program provides the opportunity for up to 10 disadvantaged youths from CQ to
attend boarding school  to pursue their
academic and sporting dreams. Both programs are generously supported by QR
National and the CQ NRL Bid. Tick more boxes – COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT

More boxes all the time – that’s real progress, not just a

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