Investment in YOUTH is sound policy for the FUTURE

The QR National – CQ NRL Bid Scholarship Program for 2012 is almost complete, with 11 of the 12 scholarship recipients accepted into the respective school of their choice. The 1 remaining applicant has been advised and the school admission process is now in progress. The following Central Queensland youths have applied for scholarships and have been accepted into the Scholarship Program.

Jacob Van Zanden from Emerald

Martin Mare from Mackay

Peter Copping from Rolleston

Kalyn Ponga from Mackay

Brodie Hollis from Longreach

John Merchant from Barcaldine

Jed Myles from Monto

Lachlan Lanskey from Bundaberg

Teykoa Nagas from Bundaberg

Caleb Tull from Rockhampton

Elijah Edwards form Theodore

The QR National Scholarship Program is an initiative of the CQ NRL Bid and has been established to provide holistic support to Central Queensland youths to pursue their sporting and academic endeavours. The QR National Scholarship Program provides assistance to youths in the following capacities:

  1. FINANCIAL SUPPORT – assistance with payment of school fees and representative football costs.
  2. PLAYER WELFARE SUPPORT – scholarship recipients will receive player welfare training that will deal with the contemporary issues of being a young, aspiring elite rugby league player
  3. MENTORING SUPPORT – scholarship recipients will receive a former NRL player to serve as their mentor providing guidance and advice via email, phone and face-to-face contact.

I have been asked why the CQ NRL Bid is engaged in this sort of community linking project well before we have been awarded a NRL license for CQ. There are two fairly obvious reasons

  1. The CQ NRL Bid shares the community engagement commitment portrayed by our corporate partners like QR National and so the community has real benefit from these pursuits – and
  2. These types of community benefiting programs provide the CQ NRL Bid with a strong and compelling “Point-of-difference” to other cities and regions that aspire to join the NRL.

I have personally met all of the successful applicants and most of their parents over the last few weeks. I am genuinely impressed with the commitment of the young men to their Rugby League and academic futures. The parents are obviously very proud of their sons and are excited by the potential that these young men exhibit. One appreciative mother was spot on when she said to me that her son’s future was in his hands but this OPPORTUNITY was huge in their respective lives. The aim of the program is to produce well rounded young men that will embrace this opportunity and so become genuine role models in the CQ NRL Club and in their communities.

The CQ NRL Bid acknowledges the essential role that QR National is taking in this great development program. Without community minded Corporate Partners like QR National this CQ NRL Bid initiative would not be in place now. It is personally and professionally rewarding to work with organizations like QR National that display this level of Corporate Citizenship.

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