2011 – The Year In Review

2011 is almost over and it has been a huge year for the great game of Rugby League and even bigger for the CQ NRL Bid.

According to the NRL CEO, David Gallop, the highlights of the 2011 Telstra Premiership season include:

  • Total regular season crowds of 3.13million are the second highest in history and within 0.6% of the 2010 record (3.15million) despite a significantly higher number of rain-affected matches.
  • NRL Club Memberships have increased by 28% to 180,824, with the Rabbitohs and Dragons the first clubs to break the 20,000 members mark.
  • NRL out rated the AFL with TV audiences  increasing  across FOX Sports, the Nine, WIN and NBN Networks with average Free To Air  ratings 1.3% higher and FOX Sports ratings  16% higher across all timeslots.
  • NRL in 2011 experienced a cumulative audience of 134 million viewers in Australia and over 12 million in New Zealand.
  • Ruby League boasts 74 of the Top 100 most watched programs on Subscription Television and the three most watched sporting events on FTA.
  • The 2011 Telstra Premiership was the ‘cleanest’ in memory with a dramatic fall in the number of suspensions and charges for misconduct on-field, despite Round 25 contributing 12 charges and 16 weeks in suspension to the overall total of 70 charges and 53 ‘playing weeks’ lost through suspension.

 “The game has achieved significant growth across its key indicators and innovations in a wide range of areas from social media, to our community, welfare and education programs, ensure we are connecting with more members and fans than ever before.” David Gallop said in his season review.

The CQ NRL Bid has also experienced massive growth in all of its “key performance indicators” and has advanced the compelling argument for CQ’s inclusion into the NRL competition. A few notable achievements in 2011 include:

  • Over 35,000 Bid members  which is up from  around 20,000 in 2010
  • Over 130 Corporate partners, also up significantly from 2010
  • Almost 11,000 CQ Leagues Club members which is up from approximately 4,000 in 2010
  • Introduction of the QR National Schools Program which involves visiting over 120 Central Queensland schools in conjunction with the local QRL and ARL officers.
  • Introduction of the QR National Scholarship Program which provides 12 scholarships for CQ youths for education and sporting expenses, mentoring and professional sport guidance.
  • Establishment of the first CQ NRL team, the Stanwell under 13 Development program and Team. (what a great array of talent)
  • A world standard Stadium, incorporating much needed convention facilities committed and reaffirmed by the government and now also by the opposition.
  • Production of a robust Business Plan, Market Research Analysis, Media Analysis,  and Economic Impact Assessment (EIA) all of which are currently being scrutinized  by a national accounting firm.
  • Significant financial investments from the CQ Corporate sector, including leading companies in the CQ Coal Industry. 

We thank the many CQ NRL Bid supporters and wish you all a happy and safe Christmas. I hope to continue my “Bid Updates” in 2012.

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