The Compelling Argument is now IRREFUTABLE

Central Queenslanders now expect their own NRL team. This time last year some elements of the media were very sceptical about our ability and commitment to enter the NRL.  Local, state and even most national media now agree that when the NRL expands it must do so first into Queensland and they also acknowledge that Central Queensland offers the most advantage to the NRL and its media partners.

The compelling reasons why CQ exceeds all other Bidding regions remain unchanged i.e.:

  • There is no national sporting team based in CQ and we badly need a unifying entity to represent and promote our region on the national stage.  We are “BLUE SKY” in terms of the battle for the hearts and minds of the public and for the necessary financial support from the corporate sector.
  • CQ has a craving for Rugby League that is unmatched anywhere else in the world. That means we are truly the HEARTLAND and we cannot be taken for granted anymore.  The level of support that accompanies this traditional avidity for our game guarantees the required viability.
  • Central Queenslanders have the right to join other Australians in supporting their own national sporting team and to benefit from the “community pride” and “self esteem” that naturally flows from having your own team.
  • Central Queenslanders want and deserve to witness the game of Rugby League, played live at the highest standard possible and in a world class stadium. We want to see our own CQ players taking on the Rugby League’s best. We want our liveability increased and our entertainment options expanded.

But these important community benefits that will advantage our economic, social and cultural future are not vitally important to the NRL decision makers. They want to know “what’s the advantage for the NRL?”

A Central Queensland NRL Team offers the NRL the following advantages:

  • Genuine growth in the number of consumers of the NRL product, both the live, on-ground audience and by the plethora of media forms that deliver the modern game to the consuming public. This means a natural increase in the value of the MEDIA RIGHTS which are being negotiated in 2012. New fans, new companies, all engaged in new MARKET.
  • Because Central Queensland is HEARTLAND Rugby League, expansion into CQ will not negatively impact on other NRL clubs because of the poaching of talent. We will use our own talented young men in our teams, so no dilution, only growth.
  • A CQ NRL Team will produce new RIVALRY games against all three current Queensland based NRL Clubs. Six massive games, home and away for CQ versus the Cowboys, Broncos and Titans plus St George, Storm, Bulldogs, Parramatta, etc. Full stadia, huge TV audiences.
  • Creation of clearly defined career pathways for aspiring Rugby League players from CQ with the most extensive and holistic DEVELOPMENT program that the NRL has ever experienced. The CQ NRL will provide OPPORTUNITIES and will assist to “Close the Gap” by setting new standards of player welfare and community engagement.

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