Passion Will Prevail

As I am writing for CQ,  I know that the vast majority ofreaders are solid Rugby League fans. In the sports marketing business, it’s the key to the business success and it’s called FAN AVIDITY. The real street name is PASSION.

I have been involved with various local, regional and national sporting organizations across quite a few different sports but the
obvious recognisable difference to other sports and Rugby League is the absolute, sometimes fanatical public passion for Rugby League.

I never try to blame this love of the game for an outbreak of emotion but in regards to the CQ NRL Bid and NRL expansion, I have to restrain myself and I ask our supporters to do the same.

Recently some media commentators have neglected to rate or even mention CQ when articulating their own vision for NRL expansion. This exclusion is indicative of arrogance and ignorance which are traits that should never be tolerated or condoned.

Recently I spoke to senior NRL executives about this Sydney or metropolitan centric attitude and sought their advice on how to raise the profile of CQ in this media commentary. The NRL’s candid response was heartening. They encouraged us to persist with the strategies that we are currently employing which focus on the viability and robustness of the business
which maximise the dominate position that Rugby League occupies in CQ communities.

The NRL told me to disregard the “emotional media noise” that is currently occurring because  the NRL and the new Australian Rugby League Independent Commission were fully aware of the massive benefits that a NRL team in CQ would deliver to the game. They told me to encourage our supporters to remain calm and stay true to their beliefs because the compelling argument of strategic importance and long term viability were more important than who MAY coach or who MAY play for the expanded team IF they received a license.

I notice recently that two of the potential four or five southeast Queensland bidding organizations were being critical of each other’s regions and Bids. This deliberate and public tactic of denigration of someone else’s   bid is not “our go”. I have made
it very clear to all of our staff and to our very loyal supporters that we would continue to extol the advantages of Central Queensland as a potential NRL region and definitely not get into that critical commentary of any other Bid or region.

In the delivery of our compelling argument for inclusion into the NRL, we will unashamedly talk about our HEARTLAND and heritage of the great game in CQ. We will talk about the passion for the game that penetrates
every single fabric of Central Queensland society and we will talk about the unique advantages that a CQ NRL team will bring to the NRL both in a strategic sense and from a sports marketing and media perspective. If any other bidding region, club or city, takes offence at this honest tactic or considers it to be derogatory, than they have seriously misinterpreted our intentions.

We do not apologize for our PASSION or for our commitment to CQ and never will.

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