Titans And Cq Have Clear Differences

There has been much said and written recently about the Titans and most of the discussion concerns the club’s finances. My main interest, however, was the announcement of their signing of Dave Taylor to a multiyear playing contract commencing in 2013. If there was anything that confused me a little about Queensland’s newest NRL club was their propensity to sign New South Wales players and coaches.

There is nothing specifically wrong with this recruitment strategy  as most of their “Blues” signings are good, even great NRL players but the Titans NSW personal tended to dominate their roster hence their game orientated marketing.

There is nothing more Queensland, more Maroon, than Big Dave Taylor, our own massive “Coal Train”. Just on Dave’s nickname – I think it’s the best in Australian Sport. The big unit is as big as a Coal Train, runs the same line i.e. straight ahead, and he originates from one of the great COAL centres of the world, Blackwater, in the Central Highlands.

I am not going to get into “Blues bashing” here but in a sport that encourages, even demands extreme passion from the fans, community engagement is the vital key to success. Surely the most avid passion in Australian sport is STATE OF ORIGIN. It seems a little incongruous for a Queensland NRL team to ask its fans for absolute loyalty but have a predominance of NSW players in the main team. It makes that vital community engagement a little more difficult to get absolutely right. The Titans do honestly work hard in their community and appreciate the worth of this engagement.

There are two significant points-of-difference from the Titans’ model and that planned for the CQ NRL Club. The first point-of-difference is natural and obvious - a very crowded sporting landscape in southern Queensland.  The Titans share  south -east Queensland with the following national sporting entities: Broncos-NRL, Reds-Super 15, Lions and Suns-AFL, Roar and GC United- A League, Blaze-NBL, Firebirds-Netball, Bulls-Cricket. i.e. Ten mainstream national sporting organizations plus hockey, baseball, swimming and almost all other sports that exist in Australia. Currently in Central Queensland there is NO national sporting entity, so the CQ NRL team will be the first and most likely the only one for the foreseeable future.

The other massive point-of-difference from Titans and CQ NRL concerns the team and overall club composition.  The CQ NRL teams and club, as a whole, will comprise mostly of Central Queenslanders. We intend to participate in the NRL with a team and club comprising a minimum of 70% local Central Queenslanders. There will be a few “imports” from south of the border or even from overseas but our primary participants will be players like our own Coal Train. Central Queenslanders, born and bred, will represent CQ with the passion and commitment that we expect from our supporters.

We do realise that this local recruitment strategy does not guarantee success but I am sure that within a short period of time we will be competitive with the best NRL teams with the new generation of CQ “Coal Trains” as our representatives.

From the Desk of CEO, Denis Keeffe

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