Give Us The Real Reasons – Please

Last week the CQ NRL Bid Chairman slammed the whingers from south east Queensland who are now constantly complaining about not enough live NRL games played in their region. This bleating is also being supported by misleading reporting in some sections of the major press and is obviously designed to support the inclusion of a third NRL club in SE Qld.

So let’s take a step back and have a real honest look at attendances for NRL games played in SE Qld of late. When contemplating major changes to any attraction or event, we always look at the truism of Supply and Demand. I.e. we must know who is attending, when and why, while comparing this data to capacity in the supply and demand equation. We also refer to the “whole of game” experience and try to evaluate this as an attendance motive.

For this Supply and Demand exercise, we can leave out “quality” as we know the Broncos game experience is exceptional and Suncorp is the best Rugby League stadium in Australia, most likely the world. We will also take out the Titans home ground, Skilled Park, because the above mentioned complaining refers to games played at the Broncos home ground, Suncorp Stadium.

In NRL round eight, played on 27th April, Suncorp hosted the local derby – Brisbane Broncos versus the Gold Coast Titans. Admitted, it was a rainy night but the attendance was just over 30,000. On Friday 11th May – just 14 days later, Suncorp hosted 2 massive block-buster NRL Games – Broncos versus the reigning NRL champions, the Manly Sea Eagles, followed by the Titans against the Canterbury Bulldogs all on the one night at the same world class stadium for the one entry price. Just over 41,000 people attended this double header on a barmy Brisbane night.

So in the local derby round eight game, the 52,500 seat Suncorp Stadium was at 57% of capacity, leaving around 22,500 empty seats. In the round ten, double header blockbuster night the capacity was around 78% which left about 11,500 empty seats on that night. That equates to around 34,000 empty seats across 2 game nights and 3 great NRL games.

Back to the initial complaint that Brisbane does not have enough live NRL games. If there was any foundation to this implausible argument, surely Suncorp would be virtually at 100% capacity for most games and in particular on local derbies and double header block buster nights.

Persisting with the obviously flawed and ridiculous “not enough games in Brisbane” argument, these complainers are shown up as having no grasp on the basic concepts of the realities of “supply and demand” so one wonders about their real motivations in calling for an additional NRL team in the south east of Queensland.

A prominent Sydney based commentator recently openly suggested that a third team must be added to the SE to DILUTE the power of the Broncos. Is this the REAL reason for the flawed argument?  I hope not because the Broncos are the model for any NRL club. The Broncos are the most valuable sporting brand in Australia so we should aspire to their success not attempt to dilute their value and influence.

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