State Government Backing Rock Solid For CQ NRL Stadium

Contrary to a recent southern media report the commitment is rock solid from the Queensland State Government to build a fully compliant world class NRL Stadium in Rockhampton if the CQ NRL Bid is successful in securing an NRL license.

“The Newman Government have always said they would be happy to work with Central Queensland NRL to provide an appropriate stadium should they be successful in their license bid” Qld State Government Sports Minister Steve Dickson told The Morning Bulletin yesterday.

Minister Dickson’s assertion comes as no surprise to CQ NRL Bid Chairman Geoff Murphy.

“Since their recent appointment, the new State Government has been very firm and unequivocal in their commitment to the funding of a Stadium in Rockhampton that will house the CQ NRL side when we secure our license. The Stadium will be a great community asset that will provide top class facilities for numerous sporting and community groups. It will ensure that CQ can attract the very best in live sporting entertainment and conventions, as well as a wide variety of cultural and community events on a regular basis”, the Bid Chairman concluded.

The CQ NRL Bid is vying to be part of NRL expansion with numerous other bids from South-East Queensland , Western Australia, Papua New Guinea, Central Coast and New Zealand. With the NRL deep in TV rights negotiations it is expected a position on expansion will be released within the next two months.

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