CQ Continues To Produce Great Rugby League Talent

I was privileged to be able to attend Etihad Stadium for State of Origin 1, 2012. What a fabulous night for a Rugby League crazy person like me.  Forget about the bleating from the Blues camp, the Maroons were superior and utterly deserved their victory and now are within one win of a seventh consecutive season drubbing of the old enemy New South Wales. Nothing in my sporting world compares with a Maroons victory over the Blues and to see it live in this world class stadium is right up there for me.

I did allow myself to fast forward a few years and try to visualise myself with about 20,000 other League fans watching our own CQ team in our own fabulous new stadium here in CQ. I’ll leave that for now because I want to talk footy.

Two of my favourite modern day players are Matthew Scott from Ilfracombe and Dave Taylor from Blackwater and I really enjoyed watching them both rip into the Blues. I almost felt sorry for the NSW forwards a few times but I soon overcame this moment of weakness and loudly urged these two Central Queensland greats to continue with their charging runs and massive hits. I know these two men personally and I assure you that they are extremely proud of their CQ origins and when we do get together, talk always gets around to discussing “HOME”.

I was in a very good Rugby League mood by the main game kick-off time as I had been watching a great game between the Queensland and NSW under 16 teams. These representative age games are very enjoyable. The young players are so skilful, and while they are obviously not as big as the SOO players, the hits are enormous and the pace is scintillating.

Of particular interest to me were the four Central Queenslanders representatives who all played in the Central Capras under 16, Cyril Connell Cup team. This very talented Central Capras team were defeated in the Queensland Grand Final for this grade after a wonderful season under Coach Steve Parle.

The CQ players in this under 16 Queensland team were;

SHELDON BOBBERT originates from the Central Highlands. Sheldon is normally a full back but he played on the wing for Queensland

SAM SMITH is from Gladstone. Sam is a centre and he played in this position for the Capras and for Queensland

COOPER BAMBLING is from Yeppoon. Cooper is a half and plays in this position for the Capras and for Queensland

KIERAN DUFFIN is from Rockhampton and plays second row for the Capras and for Queensland

All four CQ players were outstanding and coincidentally were coached in this Queensland team by formerRockhampton player and coach, Anthony Seibold who is currently the Mackay Cutters head coach in the Intrust Super Queensland Cup.

CQ continues to produce outstanding Rugby League talent. The CQ NRL teams will provide the opportunity for this talent to play at the highest level from “HOME” as Matty and Dave would say.

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