The NRL STADIUM confirmed

Great News Central Queensland! The Stadium that is vitally important to the CQ NRL Bid’s success in acquiring a NRL license has been confirmed by the State Government. Last week, the CQ NRL Bid Chairman, Geoff Murphy and I, met with the State Government Minister for Sport, Steve Dickson, in his office at Parliament House in Brisbane, and with his Director General Mr Rhys Turner.  Minister Dickson delivered this great news to us personally.

We never doubted this commitment because the then Leader of the Opposition, now Queensland Premier, Campbell Newman, gave this assurance several times before the recent State election. As well, Campbell Newman promised in writing that his Government would build a world class, NRL compliant stadium in Central Queensland to serve as the Stadium to house the CQ NRL team. It will also provide a facility for staging other major sporting and social events and a plethora of smaller events and shows.

I want to stress the difference to “provision” as opposed to “gifting” because a small minority of the Central Queensland public think that the Government is gifting this Stadium to the future CQ NRL Club. This is absolutely wrong and anyone who propagates this misinformation is ill-informed. The CQ NRL Club will become the anchor or primary tenant and will pay significant rental costs to hire the stadium for NRL fixture games. That will account for 12 to 15 NRL games per year.

It would be expected that another 12 to 20 major events would use this stadium annually in its primary configuration. Such events could include regional, state and national competition for different sports including Rugby League, Soccer (Football), Rugby Union, Touch Football and any other rectangular field sports as well as cultural and music shows. Some major sporting organizations including the QRL, QRU, the ARU, FFA, QF, etc are very interested in the developments here in CQ relative to a new and international standard facility. On top of these major sporting and cultural events another 100 plus smaller events, conferences, shows etc would be expected use the almost infinite number of configurations of the stadium and its associated facilities to stage events. These events are currently not considered for CQ because we do have the facilities to produce and conduct them.

All hiring arrangements including those involving the anchor tenant will be based on the commercial viability of the Stadium, hirer and the event. So while the Stadium will be a massive community asset its operation will have commercial relevance to its owner, the Queensland State Government.

The building of the Stadium will not have any detrimental effect on any other Government services, including health, police, education, transport, environmental,  etc. i.e. the stadium is EXTRA and on top of all Government provided services.


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