A few of my friends are in Real Estate and I have lived in a lot of different houses and units over the years, so I know the importance  of the oldest saying in the property world – location, location, location.

I have been involved with professional sport for over a quarter of a century and there is another truism pertaining to sporting programs. If done properly with the right people with the correct motives, success will be guaranteed. It is - develop, develop, develop.

The CQ NRL Bid has a commitment to the grass roots of Rugby League development which not only separates our Bid from other Bids but will guarantee the long term success of our Rugby League teams when a NRL license is granted. This strategy will also connect the CQ NRL Club to the community and in particular the CQ Rugby League community.

The CQ NRL Bid’s Development Manager, Walson Carlos with the Bid’s Administration officer, Dominique McGregor and many support staff are currently engaged in the massive task of organizing the development program for 2012. It is a huge task and the detail is amazing but the rewards are worthwhile.

This year’s program involves bringing around fifty-five young Rugby League players, aged thirteen and fourteen, from across Central Queensland into a three day camp in September at the Rockhampton Grammar School. Here professionals representating every aspect of the game will deliver programs that cover the life skills and experiences that a professional athlete is likely to encounter both on and off the football field.  A strict code of conduct will be presented to these potential professionals and so the culture demanded by the CQ NRL Club will be assured. It is anticipated that these players will comprise the majority of the CQ NRL Club’s Under 20 program (NYC) and maybe a few first graders. Renowned former NRL players from CQ Matt Sing, PJ Marsh and Steve Bell, will present aspects of their distinguished careers and provide mentoring advice to the players. Ten Coaches including former NRL player Sid Domic and Justin Loomans will deliver an advanced Rugby League coaching program that is designed to provide modern techniques and theories that will improve the individual and team skills required to participate at an advanced level of the game.

A four day, three game away trip for each team (13s and 14s) to Brisbane and the Gold Coast to play games against top Rugby League High Schools Marsden and Keebra Park as well as against the famous Redcliffe Club will be conducted in mid-October.  It is hoped to play a visiting High Schools in both age groups in CQ, most likely in Rockhampton and Gladstone a little later i.e. early October/November.

It is a comprehensive and expensive program and I acknowledge our sponsors without whom none of this wonderful program would be possible.  We genuinely appreciate the contribution and investment in our youth of; The Rock, Boom Logistics, the Rockhampton Grammar School and JM Kelly Group of Companies.

Development is the essential ingredient to the success of the Bid and to the NRL club in Central Queensland. We are totally committed to this pursuit.

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