Expansion plan sweetener in TV talks - Sydney Morning Herald

EXPANSION plans that include the possibility of the competition increasing by  two teams, staggered over two years, have been flagged during negotiations with  television networks on the new broadcast deal.

Industry insiders have told the Herald of a number of developments  in negotiations involving the Nine, Fox, Seven and Ten networks with the ARLC’s  negotiating team, led by Graeme Samuel from the advisory firm Greenhill  Caliburn. They include the commission’s desire to have a fourth club game shown  on free-to-air each week, on Saturday nights, and also to have all free-to-air  games simulcast on Fox Sports, in a similar arrangement to the one Fox has with  the AFL.

It is believed that, after each of the networks were given briefings by  Samuel and his team on Tuesday, the negotiations will heat up before the end of  the month. The new deal is likely to be finalised in September - right in the  middle of the finals series.

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