Everyone is Entitled to an Opinion

A recently published media article which stated that the NRL would not be expanding seems to have gained some credence, especially amongst some Bid sceptics. The well known and respected author of this material writes an opinion piece in the local press and that is exactly what it is – HIS OPINION.

Of course we have a completely different OPINION.

Over the last few months the Bid’s Chairman and I have meet with various senior NRL officials, national media management and reporters, a variety of potential corporate supporters, media and sports consultants, many elected and non-elected Government officials and a wide cross section of the community both general and specifically Rugby League. While opinions concerning the certainty of expansion vary, the overwhelming opinion favours expansion for the following logical reasons.

  • If the NRL are hoping to come anywhere near the billion plus dollars for the media rights that were secured by the AFL, then the television content quantity must be increased. More broadcast time equals more games equals more teams. I.e. the ninth NRL game must be played every week so the NRL club numbers must go from 16 to 18.
  • The NRL has reached quite amazingly high TV audience figures across several different time segments i.e. Friday night, Saturday afternoon and night, Sunday afternoon (soon Sunday night ) and Monday night. They want to grow these numbers and into more and different time slots. This cannot be achieved with the current 16 teams. They need more teams.
  • The NRL wants to secure its Heartland against the expansion ambitions of the AFL. It does not have the authority to forcibly relocate existing teams. They must introduce expansion teams to the traditional Rugby League regions especially in Queensland.

So why would the NRL expand into Central Queensland?

  • It is universally accepted that expansion must be considered in Queensland first. The three current Queensland teams do not provide the required quantity of rivalry games.
  • CQ is Heartland Rugby League with a proud heritage of the game going back over 100 years with champions continually being produced. The game will prosper in CQ and the grassroots will be supported with the most comprehensive development program ever introduced by any team or code in Australia.
  • There is no competing national team located in Central Queensland.
  • CQ is in the centre of the biggest economic boom that Australia has ever experienced so viability is assured.
  • The CQ NRL team will not negatively affect current NRL teams.
  • The CQ NRL team will present the game in the best possible light in a modern, world class stadium that will be a wonderful asset to the region. It will be a      multi-purposed stadium capable of staging multiple national and regional sporting and cultural events.
  • The CQ NRL team will engender a sense of community pride and self esteem. It will lift liveability in CQ and be of significant economic benefit to our economy as well as providing many job and career opportunities.

Our OPINION has substance and is compelling.

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