CQ CAPRAS – exciting times ahead

A few weeks ago the CQ Capras and the CQ NRL Bid consolidated their considerable resources into one dedicated and coordinated organization to operate the CQ CAPRAS in the Intrust Super Queensland Cup (ISC Q Cup).  The CQ NRL Bid Chairman, Geoff Murphy is the new CQ Capras Chairman. His very competent board comprises directors from the Bid board and the former CQ Capras board. I will serve as CEO of both the Bid and the CQ Capras and Walson Carlos will retain his responsibilities as Community and Business Development Manager of the Bid along with the vital role of Operations Manager of the CQ Capras. John Harbin will be the head Coach and he has retained the bulk of his dedicated support staff from last season. The team is not finalised yet but it comprises mostly local CQ players with a few “imports” who will complement the “born and bred” players most of whom represented the CQ Capras last year with a great deal of pride and resolve. We are all dedicated and determined to make the CQ Capras successful both on and off the field.

It is acknowledged that the ISC Q Cup is the second best Rugby League competition in the world and is now recognised as a more advanced NRL recruitment competition than the NRL NYC under 20 competition. I am not going to engage in any predictions concerning the team results because is not my right to do so, but I do know that the CQ Capras will be all out to provide a great night of quality Rugby League sporting entertainment at our home games and give value to anyone or any organisation that invests, financially and/or emotionally in the CQ Capras. The wonderful sporting public of Central Queensland has my word on this commitment.

The season game schedule should be released soon. The 2013 version of the CQ Capras will still be based at Browne Park and we will play the majority of games there but the “CQ” in our brand is important. We are planning games in Bundaberg, Gladstone, Biloela, Clermont, Longreach, and Mackay to complement our Rockhampton commitments. This is just the start of the excitement.

While this new CQ Capras organisation has only been operating for a short period of time, we have put all of our resources and creativity into producing the most rewarding and cost effective packages for our MEMBERS and our CORPORATE PARTNERS who are our vital stakeholders. The 2013 membership packages are detailed online at www.capras.com.au right now and the Sponsorship and Corporate Partnership Packages will be available on the same website by the end of this week.

The 2013 CQ Capras will only succeed in providing CQ with a regular, highly entertaining brand of sports entertainment, and an opportunity for our best young CQ players to participate in the second best Rugby League competition in the world, if the general public and the business sectors of Central Queensland support the Club and use the CQ Capras in their marketing and promotional programs.

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