cqnrl_090417_120945_lt_reThe communities of Central Queensland are united in a bid for a National Rugy League team.

Every community within the vast Central Queensland region, from Bundaberg in the south, north as far as Mackay and west to the border is standing as one to make a concerted bid for a

Central Queensland-based National Rugby League team.

Not only are the NRL fanatics of the region keen to see Central Queensland represented in a national competition, but business and community leaders are encouraging the bid to promote the Central Queensland Region as an economic powerhouse, sustaining the most exciting and liveable region in Australia.

The bid brings together a focus and vision for the future.

The whole region is uniting as one CQ NRL Bid.

Central Queensland enjoys a proud heritage in league with notable players and administrators making a significant contribution to the game in the past, the present and indeed, the future.

The bid is proudly supported by business, community and sporting leaders from throughout the region. The Bid Team is working as one with a common vision, proudly representing major provincial cities, regional towns and rural communities with one goal - a Central Queensland-based NRL team.

Backing is forthcoming from the top echelons of CQ industry and commerce, the rugby league community of CQ and fans of the game at all levels. The CQ NRL Bid is now gaining a life force of its own that is becoming unstoppable.

Support is also being sourced from some of the largest corporate names in Australia - largely possible given the region’s special status as the ‘engine-room’ of Queensland.

As the CQ NRL Bid Team harnesses the energy, channels the support and taps into the passion, you can follow the story here.