Apply for the 2012 QR National Scholarship Program

2012 QR National Scholarship Program Guidelines

The QR National Scholarships are available to students who reside within the CQ NRL Bid Geographical Region. To view this in further detail please visit

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Applicants must be born in the years 1997, 1998 or 1999 and must be entering Grade 8, 9 or 10 in high school at the commencement of the 2012 school year.The QR National Scholarship Program will consider two types of Scholarship Application:

Boarding School Scholarships to The Cathedral College (Rockhampton), St. Brendanís College (Yeppoon) and The Rockhampton Grammar School. Day School Scholarships to a school specified in the Applicant’s local town. Scholarships will be provided for the 2012 year only. Please note that QR National are taking a responsible attitude towards the continuation of the program. The CQ NRL Bid has not been guaranteed or granted entry into the National Rugby League competition at the time of this Application Package being released therefore the Scholarship Offer is for one year only. Should the CQ NRL Bid gain admission and the QR National Scholarship Program be extended then 2012 Scholarship Holders will be strongly encouraged to re-apply.

Applicants must highlight some form of disadvantage in the application whether current and/or past hardships which may include but are not limited to:

Family hardship including victim of natural disasters, financial hardships, personal/medical hardships within the family, divorce or broken family.Isolation ñ the current town/city the student lives in prevents the student from fully pursuing his scholastic and sporting dreams and ambitions. Closing the Gap ñ student identifies as being of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent.

Individual Scholarships will be awarded by the QR National Scholarship Program Selection Committee and will be primarily determined by the following criteria:

  • Level of Disadvantage
  • Rugby League Playing Ability
  • Academic Results
  • Attitude towards Academic and Sporting Excellence
  • Potential for future Academic and Sporting Excellence Achievement

The decision of the QR National Scholarship Selection Committee will be final. The parents of successful applicants will be informed by phone call. Unsuccessful applicants will be informed by letter.

Terms & Conditions

Athletes who are offered a 2012 QR National Scholarship must agree to comply with the all the terms and conditions of the scholarship which as outlined in the QR National Scholarship Agreement. These terms and conditions will include:

  1. Continue playing rugby league (barring injury) during the scholarship year
  2. Under no circumstances use performance enhancing drugs or methods prohibited by international sporting regulations
  3. Scholarship holders failing to comply with this condition will have their scholarship cancelled immediately
  4. Adhere to terms of conditions of the QR National Scholarship Program Code of Conduct ñ available online
  5. Attend all public and media appearances as required by the QR National Scholarship Program
  6. Attend any Player Welfare Education Sessions that the QR National Scholarship Program may run during the scholarship year
  7. Continue to maintain a good attitude, attendance and academic results in schooling endeavours

Code of Conduct

Please download the Code of Conduct document here.


  • Student Details

  • Parent/Guardian Details

  • 2012 QR National Scholarship Application

  • Summary of Disadvantage

  • Attachment Checklist

  • Please ensure reference includes contact details of referee.
  • Please ensure reference includes contact details of referee.
  • Privacy Statement

  • Declaration Statement

    To be read and signed by parent/guardian